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ask-offenderman asked:

(( You haven't updated in a while I missed you! :D )) Does it ever get hard trying to clean your arms since you have four of them and they sort of overlap?

((I know it’s been a while. Just not much ever happens to be sent so nothing ever goes on here))

Es: eh not really. You just learn ways to do things differently and then those tasks become easier.

oneblockyhussar asked:

Mod: Does being almost eleven feet tall make hunting easier or harder for you? And are you strong for your size or about average? Below average?

Es: well being this tall does have its benefits. It does help for hunting in ways because I can see more than an average person. And yes I’m pretty strong, it helps that I have an extra pair of arms for it.

oneblockyhussar asked:

Mod: Do you borrow heavily from any one spider's variety of hunting patterns? Patiently waiting, laying out snares, sneaking up on people for fun / prey, or so on?

Es: well not exactly, but sometimes I need to set up large traps and other contraptions to keep larger creatures such as prowlers and dragons away.

Just something to get off my chest..

Hey, you guys do know that this blog would be more active if there were more asks…for months it seems that this thing has only been collecting dust and falling off into oblivion. I don’t want it to end up that way.

Also I’d draw more if I ever had the motivation too. That and if only I had photoshop. I know I’d be doing more and you guys would be seeing more out of me. Really I’d hate to be posting random and useless things on here if no one would speak or do anything.

I would hate for it to continue on this way because I just have the feeling that this blog doesn’t mean anything anymore and that I should just get rid of it or something. I’m leaving it up to you guys wether or not this blog continues or is dead.

I do like opinions and feedback guys on what you guys would like to see more of on this blog too you know. That will help me to improve on things to keep everyone happy.

Also thanks for everything anyways for even getting so far.


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